Saturday, May 23, 2009

Projects have been flying off the needles here!

I have been knitting a lot over the winter and spring. I have a few pathetic pictures to prove it:

56 st. Size 2. Bab's. Toes 20 total. IMG00288-20090520-1741.jpg by you.

Multiply this picture times 5 -- I mean, once you've seen one pair of plain knit socks you've seen them all.

IMG00158-20090124-1618.jpg by you.
My newest favorite sweater! LOVE THIS ONE!

IMG00030-20081114-2313.jpg by you.
The cat and the dog have officially bonded!

photo.jpg by you.
There was a little election in November!!!!!!!!!!! DH and I took Gabe and I had to take a pic of my ballot!

Catawampus cap by you.
I knit a hat for my 21 y.o. nephew who still can't believe his aunt knows how to knit (I think he's been living under a rock)!

photo.jpg by you.
I think the above Halloween costume qualifies DH and I for parents of the year (thanks to "my friend "C" who donated old VCR parts which helped make it official). We made him a mask too -- but it wasn't photographed. BUMMER!

And I've been watching the birds like crazy in the backyard. The Baltimore Orioles arrived right on time. My Flicker's haven't been seen in a few months (boo hiss). But the Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers are loving life as are the Goldfinch. I'm officially a bird nerd!