Monday, June 1, 2009

File under category: "Damn I'm smart"

No I'm not being modest at all -- DAMN I'm smart!

Today I brined two chickens to be roasted in the oven. I needed a v-rack to roast them and I don't own one (nor do I want to buy or store one). When I googled "v-rack homemade" I got an idea for wadding up aluminum foil in the bottom of the roasting pan and placing the chickens on top of that. Didn't like it and didn't want to waste that much foil.


I thought....

I thought A LOT....

and I pulled out 3 mini muffin tins and arranged one in the bottom and the other two against that one. My result appears to be a successful homemade v-rack. What do you think?

IMG00295-20090601-1622.jpg by you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Projects have been flying off the needles here!

I have been knitting a lot over the winter and spring. I have a few pathetic pictures to prove it:

56 st. Size 2. Bab's. Toes 20 total. IMG00288-20090520-1741.jpg by you.

Multiply this picture times 5 -- I mean, once you've seen one pair of plain knit socks you've seen them all.

IMG00158-20090124-1618.jpg by you.
My newest favorite sweater! LOVE THIS ONE!

IMG00030-20081114-2313.jpg by you.
The cat and the dog have officially bonded!

photo.jpg by you.
There was a little election in November!!!!!!!!!!! DH and I took Gabe and I had to take a pic of my ballot!

Catawampus cap by you.
I knit a hat for my 21 y.o. nephew who still can't believe his aunt knows how to knit (I think he's been living under a rock)!

photo.jpg by you.
I think the above Halloween costume qualifies DH and I for parents of the year (thanks to "my friend "C" who donated old VCR parts which helped make it official). We made him a mask too -- but it wasn't photographed. BUMMER!

And I've been watching the birds like crazy in the backyard. The Baltimore Orioles arrived right on time. My Flicker's haven't been seen in a few months (boo hiss). But the Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers are loving life as are the Goldfinch. I'm officially a bird nerd!