Monday, July 21, 2008

Teeth, Tweed, and Temperatures (and a note for Mamacate)

In the last few weeks the following excitement (or lack thereof) have happened to the Blanco Bunch:

Gabe lost his two front teeth:

Seth lost his first tooth ever:

(For the record, Eli still has a "wiggle tooth" but no action.)

The Boatneck Bluebell Version 2.0 (Unfelted) is well underway. It's knit in Cascade 220 Tweed and I'm loving it. I'm optimistic that I will have it finished this week and can have a photo shoot of Versions 2.0 and 1.0 together. In the interim, here's what I have done to date:

Despite the climbing temps (100 promised today), I am having a blast in the garden harvesting tomatoes, squash, and green beans (with plans for expansion next year since it seems that the deer aren't interested in the fruits of my labor)!

I'm also thrilled to share a pic of my first ever Passion Flower that was discovered near the garden. This is the most amazing flower ever -- doesn't it look like it should be on Star Trek or something?

I will be propagating this baby next spring and trying to get it to do it's thing. It's just amazing!!!!

Oh, and Mamacate, I have identified and am plunging through my first lace shawl. Okay, wait, plunging makes it sound like I'm working on it nonstop and am obsessed. Truth be known, I had to borrow the needles for another project but am ready to begin my 3rd repeat. I'm working it in RY Cashsoft and am convinced that when I wear the FO I will look JUST LIKE the model on the pattern page. Does DK count for true lace...even for a first time lace gal?